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Minoria Tech

HUBZone Certified Minority Woman Owned Small Business!

All Your IT Related Diversity Needs Under One Roof!

What We Offer

Minoria Tech supports Fed, Sled, State, Local, as well Commercial organizations to meet their “Diversity set-aside” goals. We provide a single-source solution from a multitude of manufacturers for your IT products and services. 

Why Minoria?

Organizations know the difficult task of meeting specific set-aside goals through multiple small businesses with their limited financial capabilities. In addition, finding one that can provide a multitude of products & services. This in turn creates a single invoice capability that reduces your companies time spent pairing multiple vendors to complete a request. 

Minoria prides itself on being a HUBZone Certified, Minority Woman Owned Small Business capable of providing enterprise-level service and efficiency, with the ability to handle large volumes of purchasing that other small businesses may not be able to not only financially support, but have the authorizations needed for specific manufacturers!

Minority Woman Owned Small Business

Rose Robles

What Can Minoria Do for You

Computer Processor

IT Hardware & Software

Minoria responds with products that are not only the leading manufacturers, but as well hard to find or discontinued.

Fixing Electricity Lines


Minoria can provide Pre-delivery staging & on-site services allowing quick installation with minimal interruption of workflow.

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Technology

Cutting Edge Technology

Minoria has access to nearly all of the major manufacturers, which is provided to you through a secured storesite  

Waste Collectores

Asset Removal

Minoria can have your outdated technology evaluated, plan the entirety of its removal, and even coordinates its disposal.

Multi-Industry Support

Strategic Partnerships

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